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A Christmas Prayer

'Tis Christmas Day,and o'er my soul there hovers

The peace and calm of Thy protecting care!

Ah, help me that my life may be a channel

Through which Thy love may flow everywhere

Teach me always to look upon the ideal

To keep the Holy Light within ablaze,

And if my heart would swerve, help me to conquer

That ever I may sing Thy Holy praise.

My Father, help me each day to share my life;

To give even though a crust be all I have.

Ah, guide me when my way is steep and rugged.

That may I never wonder from the path.

And on this day make my heat a manger,

A fit place for the gentle Babe to share;

Ah, grant that I may never cease to lift

My heart, my soul,my life to Thee in prayer.

Esther Nilsson



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