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  All Glory To Jesus

      The Reason for Christmas

               Christmas season is a time of great joy;
        But it's much more than Santa Claus, candy, and toys!
               Celebrate the birth of Jesus the Christ,
            For without His birth there'd be no eternal life.

               Not long ago in a little square in town,
           The Nativity scene with Jesus could be found.
             Now in its place stands Santa and reindeer,
           And laws stating "NO Nativity scene seen here."

             As a man stood by Santa, I saw him smile;
        I said, "Excuse me, sir, could I talk with you a while?
             Why have they taken the Christ child away,
      For without the Christ there would be no Christmas Day."

             I was startled when I heard his cold reply,
  He laughed,"Who needs Christ with gifts--with old friends stopping
     "You'll need Him one day, sir; seek Him before it's too late."
         For in the Christ Child's hands lies our eternal fate."

       As I said a hushed "goodbye" and sadly turned to leave,
         I felt the stranger's hand gently tug upon my sleeve.
            I turned around with joy as I heard him say,
        "Will you lead me to this Christ Child of yours today?"

         Joyfully we knelt where the manger scene had been,
       And he asked our precious Lord to forgive him of his sin.
             With a glad tear in his eyes I heard him say,
     "We'll replace this Santa scene with the Christ Child today!"

          The true meaning of Christmas now can be seen,
        As we look on the Christ Child in each Nativity scene.
       Remember Christ the Saviour upon this Christmas Day!
  Feed the hungry, share His love with those you meet along the

                              Written by:Francis Armstrong 

Please visit Francis to see more of her wonderful work at Jesus Saves

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