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Awards That I Have Won

My very first award Thank you

AwardMy Second Award!! Thank you !!

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                    to win this award too! My third award Thank You !!!

Awarded for
A High Flying Web Page
By Chatgramma

My 4th award!!!! Many Thanks

Awarded For
Depth of Content
By Chatgramma

My 5th Award!!!!! Thank You ,Thank You.

The 6th Award!!!!!! Thanks and More Thanks

My 7th Award !!!!!!! Thanks I am deeply honored.

~ Christmastyme Spirit ~

~ Award ~
For web sites that honor the magic of Christmas

This award created by
Shanna at Christmastyme.

Wow! This makes the 8th award, thank you thank you!!!!!!!!

Site of The Week Dec.21,1997 Safe For Kids. 9th Award. What an honor!!!!!!!!! Award on Homepage.

This makes 10 awards!!!!!!!!!!


Wow #11 or the first one for 1998 thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!

Award 12 or #2 for 1998 Thanks

Award 13 or #3 for 1998
Thanks Lore

#14 or #4 for 1998 Thanks Mona!!

#17 or 7 for 98!!Wow a big thanks Annie.

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