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Advent Project

 Advent is a time filled with excitement and expectation. We are 
waiting for Christmas.

There are a few ways that you can make your own advent "counter"
The first you have to print out the Santa's on this page.
After they are printed you need to cut them out,use white school
glue and glue them onto craft sticks. Each day add a Santa counter
to a block of styrofoam that you can paint green and place in a 
medium flower pot.

The second choice is cut the Sant's out and glue them to a ribbon
about 2 feet is needed.  Fold the top end of the ribbon to form a loop
for hanging the Santa chain and glue. Each day add a Santa using glue.
I put numbers on my Santa's beard starting with 25 and count backward.

The last choice is to number the Santa's as above and cut them out.
Each day glue one to a large colored poster board in a line or in
the form of a tree shaped like a triangle. Don't forget the trunk.

I hope you enjoy making one of these Advent Projects.

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The Santa's on this page were converted into gif. by me The second of my personal collection