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Little Jesus

   Little Jesus, wast thou shy
   Once,and just so small as I?
   And what did it feel like to be
   Out of heaven, and just like me?
   Did Thou sometimes think of there
   And ask where all the angles were?
   I should think that I would cry
   For my house all made of sky
   I would look about the air
   And wonder where my angles were.
   And at waking 'twould distress me
   Not an angle there to dress me.

   Hadst Thou ever any toys
   Like us little girls and boys?
   And didst Thou play in heaven with all
   The angles that were not too tall
   With stars for marbles? Did they play
   "Can you see me" through their wings?

   Didst Thou kneel at night to pray
   And didst Thou join Thy hands this way?
   And did they tire sometimes, being young
   And make the prayers seem very long?
   And dost Thou like it best, that we
   Should join our hands to pray to Thee?
   I use to think before I knew
   the prayer not said unless we do.
   And did Thy mother at the night
   Kiss Thee and fold the clothes in right?
   And didst Thou feel quite good in bed
   Kissed, and sweet, and Thy prayers said?

   Thou canst not have forgotten all
   That it feels like to be small 
   And Thou know'st I cannot pray
   To Thee in my Father's way
   When Thou wast so little say
   Couldst Thou talk Thy Father's way?

   So a little child, come down
   And here a childs tongue like Thy own
   Take me by the hand and walk
   And listen to my child talk
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