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The Gift of Love

  A wreath hangs over our mantle -
It's pine-scent fills the air,

  A Santa Claus doll, over fifty years old Stands next to my easy chair.

 'Tis late Christmas eve, my family's at rest, The end of a joy-filled day -

 Warmth from the fire, burning low in the the hearth
Sends my thoughts drifting far away.

 I envision a child and a stable,
His bed a manger of hay -

  A mother humming a soft lullabye,
And I bend my head to pray.

   I can almost see the Wise Men -
Who'd traveled from distant lands -

  Guided by a brilliant eastern star 
Bearing precious gifts in their hands.

  I can almost hear what those Shepherds heard,
Tending sheep on a nearby hill -

 The voices of Angels lifted in song - 
A hymn of peace and good will.

 I ponder what brought those Shepherds, And those Wise Men of Temporal worth -

    To a stable outside of Bethlehem
To attest this lowly birth.

 The Prophets, I've heard, wrote of His birth - Some said as a King He would reign -

 Bring peace to the earth, dispell all war,
Rid the earth of it's grief and pain.

  But the Child, full grown, spoke only of Faith -
"Do good to each other", He said,

  "And if a man smite thee? 
Stay thy hand. Give love in return instead."

  His teachings inflamed the whole of mankind And though on across He died -

    He lives in the hearts of those who believe - Though often their Faith is tried.

 I end my prayer by giving thanks To the Lord who reigns above -

  Accepting the gift He sent with His son - The gift of Eternal Love.

 Oh I'm sure that in all the years to come - There'll always be gifts and toys -

 There'll always be Santa and Christmas trees,
And lots of parties and noise.

  But no matter what creed or faith we enspouse -
There's hope for the coming years -

  If we will just share the gift of love
As Christmas day draws near.

                           V. Beverly Rogers


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