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                     Marys Son 

            Soft, relieved-of-suffering face. 
           Smooth and shining so gentle. 
          Looking with reflective eyes, 
          Weary in body, but spirit still full. 
           A miracle, a mother, Mary. 

         Joseph, concerned, sweat-beaded brow, 
        With love-mellowed wondering eyes, 
        And attentive manner, 
        Watching his Mary, a mother. 

        A miracle, a miracle birth. 
        Baby born with crumpled, red face, 
        Moist hair. 
      New life noises from his fresh, air-filled 

     Jesus, this babe, Prince of Peace. 
     And angels shout, hosannahs at His coming 
     to be our Savior. 
   Healing hands touch blinded eyes, 
  Darkened spirits, to cleanse sin-weary souls. 

   Son of the Most High God, diety, 
   Powerful in virtue, 
   Able to overcome death, 
  Command all things. 

  Master, a loving, forgiving, atoning Master. 
  Christ pure and clean to give us life. 
  A miracle, a mother, 
  This Lord and King, 
     Baby Jesus. 

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