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What Does Christmas Really Mean 

     God saw this creature he placed on earth, 
           A being of His own creation, 
     Slip slowly away from His fatherly love 
           And change to an aberration 

   Using the freedom of choice he was given 
          Estrangement from God Man elected 
   He turned to the gods of Power and Wealth 
        And the love from his Maker rejected 

    Then a part of God's spirit eternal 
       Adopted the image of Man 
   And He came to earth in a human form 
        Fulfilling his Master Plan 

   He appeared in the person of Jesus Christ 
          As a model for humans to live 
   And He offered a sacrifice of Himself 
         So He could all sins forgive. 

  God offered Christ for Man to accept 
           As a gift and inspiration 
   For seeking the path to eternal life 
         And insure his soul's salvation 

   Thus the true meaning of Christmas is clear 
        As the star shines brightly above 
  We celebrate birth of the Christ child 
        God's most precious gift of love. 

                       ( unknown) 

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