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Inspirational             Writings

Shepherd, Remembering 2001

A Christmas Prayer (Nilsson) 2001

Gods Gift Supreme

What Thought Mary 2001

One Starlit Hour2001

A Glad New Year 2001

On The Hills Of Judah 2001

Who Am I 2001

Just One Small Babe 2000

The Gift Of Life

The Reason For Christmas

Gift Of Love Poem

Mary's Son Poem

Meaning Of Christmas Poem

Christian Candy Cane Poem

Who is Jesus

Little Jesus Poem

Gospel Tree Poem

The Friendly Beasts

Angel Poem

Spirit Of Christmas Poem

I Wish Poem

A Christmas Poem

Santa's Prayer Santa reminds us Jesus is the reason!

Take A Moment At The Manger

Long Long Ago Poem

A Mothers Wish

The Christmas Gift

If you have a poem you would like to share I would be glad to add it provided it Celebrates Jesus As the Reason for Christmas. Email me and in the subject place Christmas Poem


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