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        The Christmas Gift

 The Christmas Season speaks to us of peace
A season of solace and joy.
When eager children must wait endless hours
To examine their new Christmas toys
The family will gather for breaking of bread
 Thanking God for their bountiful food,

Then thanking each other for gifts they    exchanged
As they bask in a joyful mood.

 However, most cherished of all of their gifts
 Is a gift they can't visibly see.
 This endowment is offered to one and to all
 But is not to be found 'neath the tree.

It's a blessing bestowed to all of
mankind God Himself is in it reflected
It carries the power to alter his life, If Man simply opts to accept it.
This gift is the reason we celebrate

On Christmas the wee infant's birth.
For God has appeared in a human form
To walk among men on the earth.


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