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Shepherd, Remembering

The years are many since that radiant night

And yet how often I recall the bright

And glory -shining wonderment that stirred

Within the older shepherds' every word!

"Come, let us go to Bethelehem," they said

"And see the Child within the manger bed."


"But there are many stables in the town

Of Bethelhem," I said as hurrying down

A hill, we walked the rough night darkened road.

The oldest shepherd touched my arm.

"The God who sent the angel will show

Our eager feet the path they are to go."


I am the oldest shepherd now. Oh, when

I sense anxiety within younger men,

And fearfulness, I tell about the way

We found the manger where the young Child lay,

And they grow calm. But how I wish they might

Have heard the angels that long - vanished night!

Grace V. Watkins



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