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Who is Jesus

From the moment of His birth,

Jesus has made a dramatic impact on

His surroundings. Born in an obscure

Jewish village about 2,000 years ago.

Angels appeared to announce His birth,

a bright star emerged to celebrate the

occasion,and shepherds hurried to his

humble cradle to honor the infants arrival.

Even "wisemen" from the East traveled to

Judea ro worship the young child born

of the root of Jesse, born of the House Of


Jesus grew up much like any boy his age

at the time. His quiet upbringing was punctuated

by an important visit to the temple when he was

just a boy of 12. There he amazed teachers of the

law by his uncanny wisdom and knowledge of the

ancient Hebrew Scriptures.

At about the age of 30,leaving behind his vocation

as a carpenter in Nazareth Jesus began his "call"

from God. Much as His birth had been marked by

significant events,so marked His ministry. John

The Baptist announced his coming, God opened up

the Heavens and poured out His blessings on His

beloved son.

For the next 3 years Jesus traveled about with a

small band of disciples and friends. Crowds thronged

around Him to hear His words, His memorable stories,

some came for healing and encouragement.

From synagogue to seahore, Jesus proclaimed the

good news of the Kingdom Of God, turning social and

religious ideas upside down. He pronounced blessings

on the poor,He cherrished children,and He treated women with dignity and respect.

Jesus denounced

false religion, hypocrisy and sin. He called for repentance

and promised freedom, joy and new life.

In furiated by his growing impact,Jewish religious leaders

and other detractors challenged the authority and teaching

of Jesus. They arranged for His capture and death.

His life, death and resurrection marked the beginning of

Christianity, which has spread worldwide in remarkable


More than 19 centuries have passed by, and His impact

on mankind have only increased over time. His love has

transformed many lives, and many great social causes

have been fueled by His life and example.

Let us rejoice today for unto us a savior is born.

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